Specializing in Creed Rosaries

Specializing in Creed Rosaries, Bracelets and other Creed religious jewelery. The commitment to excellence at Creed has enabled the name to stand for superior quality and value. In keeping with this tradition, Creed is proud to use only the finest materials in all their merchandise. All medals, crosses and crucifixes manufactured by Creed are individually die struck, in the old tradition from a solid bar of sterling silver or gold. Every medal must undergo up to 15 hand operations, each one performed by an experienced craftsman.

Creed uses Swarovski crystal exclusively in all their sterling silver crystal rosaries. Each rosary is assembled by hand with each bead joined with a jump ring and not simply bead to bead. Creed offers the widest selection of crucifixes and centers available anywhere in the industry. Each Masterpiece created by Creed carries with it "THE CREED LIFETIME GUARANTEE". At Creed Rosary, they are committed to upholding a tradition of quality that began over 75 years ago. As we continue the Creed tradition of excellence, we would like to thank all of our valued friends and customers for their continued support. We look forward to providing you with unmatched quality and service for years to come.

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